Actian to turn attention to Sydney following inroads into India

Actian to turn attention to Sydney following inroads into India

Data management outfit to expand presence locally after success in Asia

Although he is based in Melbourne, Actian Asia Pacific sales and service vice-president, Jason Leonidas, would like to see the company expand its presence domestically starting with Sydney.

According to Leonidas, Actian Asia Pacific has spent a lot of time in Asia recently due to the growth of new customers for the company in the region.

“We’re rolling out through Hong Kong and China now, and lots of growth in India,” he said.

While Leonidas is pleased with the growth in Asia, he said, “So whilst that is terrific from a corporate point of view, it’s been a bit of a pain as we really haven’t spent a lot of effort in Australia itself.

“What we’re looking to do this quarter is to ramp up locally.”

Actian recently kicked off a number of proof of concepts, and Leonidas says that the business is looking to get more traction in Australia in the next three to six months, particularly in Sydney.

“Sydney has a lot of tier two financial service organisations, such as insurance companies, that are really crying out for these types of solutions,” he said.

“So we’re looking to get involved in that and ramping up investment.”

Actian has been busy recruiting staff at the end of last year to keep up with demand in India, and Leonidas says that this recruitment drive is continuing.

“There’s a huge pipeline in India that we’re trying to close,” he said.

“The country is blossoming with ISVs who have telco-in-a-box or financial-services-in-a-box solutions, both SaaS and on-premise, and these guys are all a level down from the SAP and Oracle type companies.”

Leonidas said India is currently on the lookout for financial and telco services solutions, so that is why Actian has been busy there.

"The locals love [Actian’s] technology for its simplicity and cost effectiveness,” he said.

Once India has been adequately dealt with, Leonidas hopes to turn his attention to Sydney.

“We have an open head count for a few positions in Sydney, so it’s just a case of finding the time to carry it out,” he said.

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