BankWest not a pie in the sky for pieNETWORKS

BankWest not a pie in the sky for pieNETWORKS

ASX-listed pieNETWORKS has jumped at the opportunity of banks moving into Internet banking by signing a lucrative contract to supply BankWest with more than 30 Web kiosk terminals.

Best known for its red, coin-operated pieLINK Internet kiosks, pieNETWORKS has driven its stake into the banking sector and will install and manage BankWest's in-branch Web terminals, providing customers with easy access to BankWest's online banking.pieNETWORKS has installed terminals in BankWest's recently opened customer service centres at Garden City in Booragoon, Ocean Keys, Hay Street and 22 other BankWest branches, with the possibility of rolling out additional units for BankWest's 90 West Australian branches.

According to pieNETWORKS managing director Campbell Smith, the contract gives the company a strong foothold in the coin-operated, government and now banking market sectors.

The company is yet to post a profit since its listing in April last year, but Smith is confident that pieNETWORKS will break even by the end of next financial year. However, he claims it is not so much the kiosks that differentiate the company as much as its back-end network monitoring and management software.

"For BankWest's customers the devices are reliable, functional and familiar," says Smith. "Behind the scenes we engage our pro-active management information system to monitor, measure and manage the network of devices which ensures maximum availability and customer satisfaction."pieNETWORKS provides its own proprietary technology, ongoing research and development in software and hardware, assembly and installation, customer support services and ongoing network management of its kiosks.

The company has also expanded into the UK, rolling out a further 100 kiosks. The deal with BankWest takes the count of pieNETWORKS' kiosks and screens to over 650.

The company has existing contracts supplying kiosks to the Victorian Department of Human Services, the West Australian Department of Commerce and Trade, and Caltex Australia.

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