Compuware brings APM to Cloud and Big Data applications

Compuware brings APM to Cloud and Big Data applications

dynaTrace Enterprise offers greater visibility into complex Cloud and Big Data environments

Mainframe software company Compuware has updated its dynaTrace Enterprise product to enable organisations to simplify performance management of Cloud and Big Data applications.

Compuware said that as companies make greater use of public cloud and seek to incorporate massive amounts of data into their business analytics, traditional application performance management (APM) tools are falling short, because they are unable to support massively scalable architectures and dynamic resource allocation.

"The way technologies like Cassandra and Hadoop work is, instead of having one big hunking great database, they distribute the data across hundreds of nodes. So the data tier is now getting very much like the web and app tiers, where there are many points of failure," said Michael Allen, sales director for EMEA at Compuware.

"It's no longer finding a needle in one haystack, you're now trying to find a needle in hundreds, if not thousands, of haystacks."

dynaTrace Enterprise helps to solve this problem by providing visibility into both Cassandra and Hadoop Big Data environments, enabling organisations to optimise data distribution across nodes, tune transaction-to-query relationships, identify I/O bottlenecks and tuning CPU and memory consumption amongst thousands of nodes.

"Imagine you're a user and you click on a button to buy something on your mobile device. We can follow that through the code, look at the time it spent across the network, then follow it through the web server, the app server, and all the way into the Big Data platform," said Allen.

"Maybe that specific request then results in several other queries that go into several other boxes in the big data platform. By following each one of those fragmented queries and monitoring whether any one of them is slow, we are able to say, it was this particular lookup running on that particular server that resulted in us not delivering that end user experience to the device."

dynaTrace Enterprise also gives organisations better visibility into hybrid cloud environments made up of VMWare vCloud, Amazon EC2 and/or Microsoft Azure, as well as adapting automatically to dynamic changes in the cloud infrastructure and providing secure performance data management.

"Today's application landscape is rapidly changing as virtualised environments become more dynamic and flexible and as elastic cloud applications take hold in the enterprise," said Julie Craig, research director at Enterprise Management Associates.

"This is driving CIOs to re-evaluate existing toolsets for 'cloud-readiness,' and many are seeking APM systems that are lighter, smarter and more versatile. Compuware is effectively addressing this need by delivering the multi-dimensional application visibility that is necessary to ensure application performance in these very complex application environments."

The update is one of a slew of product announcements that make up Compuware's APM Spring 2012 Platform Release. The company also announced updates to its User Experience Management (UEM), which aim to simplify performance management at the edge of the internet, as well as combined application and network performance management for complex data centre environments.

Research by analyst firm Quocirca last month revealed that application performance management is the top priority for IT executives in 2012, over improvements to private cloud, network upgrades and new internal apps.

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