Channel to benefit through business transformation: Intel

Channel to benefit through business transformation: Intel

Microchip vendor expects good growth in its APAC channel off the back of new business products

Enabling transformation for businesses and consumers was the key message at the 2012 Intel Solutions Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

Intel EPSD VP and general manager, Lisa Graff, kicked off the event with a keynote that highlighted datacentre and connected system opportunities for Intel and its APAC partners.

“The channel is datacentre group’s third largest volume path to market,” she said.

As proof of this statement, Graff said that in 2011 APAC partners grew revenue by 31 per cent, volume by 26 per cent and ASP by four per cent

For Intel, Graff highlighted the importance of how IT must scale, especially in areas such as storage, security, energy efficiency, responsiveness, IT staff resources and networks.

“We are on track for our Cloud 2015 Vision, which calls for an approach that is federated, automated, and client aware,” she said.

“Sharing data security across public and private Clouds is also important.”

The channel Cloud opportunities lie in driving standards to help partners compete, Intel Cloud builders and providing a Cloud architecture for all sizes.

Graff said a challenge was that partners are intimidated by the Cloud, fearing that a shift by customers to the public Cloud will lower their sales.

“The Public Cloud is only a third of the Cloud business of big players such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others,” she said.

Her suggestion is for partners to “become an expert” in the public Cloud to win business and start up their own Cloud.

When it comes to high performance computing, Graff highlighted the launch of the ES-2600 processor and how it delivers up to 1.8 times performance, which translates into channel wins for big and small businesses.

Additionally, Intel storage solutions are positioned at delivering scale for working groups and offices through simplified file sharing, strong price to performance, smart investment and trusted technology.

“We are experiencing an evolution from embedded to connected to intelligent devices,” Graff said.

Following the launch of the recent Intel Xeon Processor E5 family, Graff said that the company was “thrilled” by the response from media and consumers in the two months following its release.

“The attraction lies in up to 80 per cent performance gain, up to three times I/O bandwidth, and up to 50 per cent performance gain,” she said.

While Intel Xeon Processor E3 based on the Ivy Bridge technology is coming soon, it was recently launched for consumers to a positive reception.

“The higher I/O performance with lower 10Gbe costs means that 10Gbe can be brought to the broad market with reduced deployment costs,” she said.

RAID solutions from Intel are also positioned as being attractive to clients due to a “complete portfolio to support all segments” and “industry leading technology and performance.”

Following the introduction of EPSD 3.0 in 2011, Intel had delivered on its promise by providing three times as many motherboards, chassis and systems to partners to choose from.

“This creates a new differentiated revenue streams for our channel partners, as there are 19 new motherboards, 37 new chassis, and new I/o and raid modules,” she said.

With the launch of Xeon E5-based boards and systems, Graff sees this creating greater than 100 board combinations with modules and keys.

“It’s not just more hardware, but better hardware that is powerful, flexible, and efficient,” she said.

Intel has also instated programs to help the channel grow, such as the Intel server component extended warranty that gives two years additional warranty, and is now available for purchase on EPSD boards.

There is also the Intel enabled solution acceleration alliance for further partner support and enablement.

With SMB customers, Graff sees data and hardware protection as being critical but barriers exist to adoption.

Intel server continuity suite is aimed at taking the guesswork for clients out of security through seamless integration, and continuous data and hardware protection.

“It’s simple, cost effective, and ensures integrated business continuity,” Graff said.

Graff concluded her keynote by stating that the channel is the third largest volume path to market for Intel for servers, with 31 per cent revenue growth.

“The channel is winning major business for us and we are committed to channel success,” she said.

Patrick Budmar is attending the Solutions Summit in Bali courtesy of Intel

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