APP OF THE DAY: The Perfect Lager Project

APP OF THE DAY: The Perfect Lager Project

An easy to use application that encourages you to promote your perfect beer preferences

The Perfect Lager Project
Cost: Free | Developer: AnalogFolk Australia | Platform: iOS | Version 1.2 | 13.5 MB | 4.3+

If you love the Untappd app, you are going to want to download this app as well. The Perfect Lager Project is an initiative that aims to create the perfect lager, with your help.

All you have to do is download the app, key in your beer preferences and include images of examples of beers that you think fit your tastebuds.

The creators will then extract information from the images you post – such as what goes into the beer, where you are drinking it, time of day, the people you are with, weather conditions, etc. – and Casella, Australian independent wine producer, will create the perfect lager to suit your needs (it intends to enter the premium beer market).

You can then share your beer rating with your friends on Facebook and the app also keeps a log of all your beer moments.

Data is being collected until the end of May, which will ultimately influence the style of beer that Casella will launch in June 2012.

Participation is limited to three beers per day to encourage responsible consumption of alcohol and only participants over the age of 18 are encouraged to use this app.

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4.

Pros: An easy to use application that encourages you to promote your beer preferences.

Cons: Users might get carried away with the app. However, there is a limit to three beer uploads per day.

Verdict: Aussies love their beer. Now is your chance to create your own.

Get it here:

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