For peat's sake !

For peat's sake !

Whoa, this is a serious errata, so listen up.

Even if the Victorian Department of Employment Education and Training continues with its dastardly plan to procure public school IT supplies directly from PC vendors, Peat's Office Equipment in Echuca, Victoria, will continue to do a steady trade in IT in the region. Although the owner/manager, Ken Peat, is concerned about the government's plan, he was more concerned when he read that he was losing over half his market in ARN's article last week.

In its endless search for truth, justice and the reseller way, Tabloid wants to set the record straight once and for all. Ken Peat is doing fine; he still gets a lot of business from the schools that manage to slip through the government procurement traps. He is worried about the way the State Government's approach to IT procurement will affect regional areas, however he is very confident that Peat's Office Equipment will pull through.

ARN would also like to clarify a point made on page 6 of the August 8 issue. The report stated that LAN1 would offer service and support to former Siltek customers, without making specific mention that this support only applies to Adaptec products purchased through Siltek.

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