What's in an asterix?

What's in an asterix?

IBM's latest brochure (pictured), which appears in most of Australia's major dailies, has been keeping quite a few resellers up at night. It is only after your average punter has read everything available on buying direct that the vendor offers the option of "find[ing] your nearest reseller*".

What is with the asterix next to the word reseller? Well if you have a magnifying glass and a lot of patience, you will see it denotes that the pricing in the brochure is for direct sales, and that reseller prices may differ.

Until we found a magnifying glass we had a few stabs at what we thought the asterix really denotes. Here are some suggestions:

Or to find your nearest reseller* But why would you want to do that when you can buy from us?

Or to find your nearest reseller* Customers are advised to ring the direct sales line first, and we will direct you to your nearest reseller AFTER you have heard our direct sales pitch.

Or to find your nearest reseller* Resellers are evil. IBM is good. Buy IBM.

Or to find your nearest reseller* Enter your postcode into our Web site and we will be sure to recommend a reseller that is so far away, you would rather just ring the direct sales line.

Or to find your nearest reseller* This is a legal clause to keep our resellers from accusing us of breach of contract. Please ignore and keep dialling that direct number until you get through.

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