Apple bites at Gigabit Ethernet

Apple bites at Gigabit Ethernet

Apple has introduced its new Titanium PowerBook G4 line with a new high-resolution display and faster PowerPC G4 Processor. The big difference, however, is the integration of a digital visual interface (DVI) port and Gigabit Ethernet. The notebook is the first in the market to incorporate these features, according to Apple. The DVI port for analog and digital video output enables a digital connection to Apple's flat-panel displays and its new generation of DVI-equipped digital projectors. The G4 also offers a 56K modem, built-in antennae and an AirPort Card slot for 802.11-based wireless connectivity, along with FireWire and USB ports and the Apple digital lifestyle software suite. The 800MHz model comes with an AirPort Card pre-installed. The new line is available from May 6 at a retail price of $5,795 for the 667MHz model and $7,395 for the 800MHz machine. Built-to-configure options are also available.

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