iPad app built “from the ground up": LinkedIn

iPad app built “from the ground up": LinkedIn

Social network for professionals updates its smartphone app and adds iPad support

LinkedIn joins services such as Facebook and Skype that have finally jumped on the iPad bandwagon with their apps.

Although available for the iPhone and other smartphone platforms for quite some time, the iPad version of LinkedIn was conspicuously absent in the two years following the launch of the original iPad in 2010.

With data showing that iPad is the fastest growing device on LinkedIn, registering 250 per cent year over year growth between 2011 to 2012, LinkedIn Australia/NZ and South East Asia managing director, Clifford Rosenberg, sees the addition of the iPad app as an extension of the way the service is consumed via mobile devices.

“Mobile remains the fastest growing consumer service on LinkedIn,” he said.

“Our iPad app is the single most demanded product by our members.”

As to why it took so long for the iPad version of LinkedIn to come out, Rosenberg attributes it to the company making sure that it was “delivering the best experience possible for our members,” as well as building and designing the entire experience around the “unique and specific ways” that professionals use their iPads at work.

Instead of merely porting the existing iPhone app to the iPad, Rosenberg says that LinkedIn has built it “from the ground up,” with the aim of tailoring the experience around the way people are using their iPads for professional use.

“The new iPad app has many new features such as calendar syncing, what co-workers are sharing, who has viewed my profile, who has changed jobs module and congratulate feature,” he said.

“The app experience is also optimised for the new iPad’s Retina display to create a dynamic, efficient and beautiful interface for professionals.”

While LinkedIn has finally shown its love for Apple’s tablet, the Android tablet version of the app did not make its simultaneous debut.

Rosenberg would not rule out the app coming to Android sometime in the future.

“We’re always looking into new platforms and operating systems where we see the greatest opportunity to help professionals be more productive and successful on their mobile devices,” he said.

When asked when and if the Android tablet version would be released, Rosenberg said that LinkedIn did not have anything else to announce at this time.

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