All and Moore launches into recruiting

All and Moore launches into recruiting

It's a safe to say launching an executive IT recruitment firm in the current climate is nothing less than ambitious, but then Paul Alland isn't one to shy away from a challenge.

Alland has founded a company, All And More, designed to provide recruitment services above and beyond merely placing individuals in a job.

Targeting the upper echelons of the Australian IT executive world, All And More relies on old fashioned word of mouth and networking to fill positions otherwise not destined for Web site bulletin boards and classified sections of newspapers.

In essence the company acts as an aggregator of sorts, putting clients and candidates in touch with other service-based organisations. With more positions becoming available across the Asia-Pacific region, Alland claims services such as travel visa management, relocation services, cultural training and security become essential for a successful placement.

All And More also offers a host of "lifestyle services" through recreation companies in order to round out the complete recruitment package says Alland.

Alland is confident that despite the number of highly skilled IT professionals currently seeking employment, making it an employer's market, All And More will be well positioned to break even within 12 months.

"There's a lot of good candidates at the moment," says Alland. "But companies are taking their time to decide who they really want."

Alland claims the IT job market has in many ways right-sized itself in regards to executive salaries.

"These days share options are a joke, so candidates need to be more realistic. There's no way they can ask the kind of money they were on six months ago," claims Alland.

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