PRODUCTS: latest from LogMeIn, Western Digital, SolarWinds, HP, and CommVault

PRODUCTS: latest from LogMeIn, Western Digital, SolarWinds, HP, and CommVault

Cloud and mobility service, power-wise hard drive, virtualisation management, and CRM.

LogMeIn Cloud-enables any folder on your PC

LogMeIn has opened the beta of Cubby, a Cloud data service that enables sharing between personal computers (both Windows and Mac), and other iOS/Android devices.

The service, which is built on LogMeIn’s Cloud data sync and storage platform, allows users to turn any folder into a ‘cubby’ that can be accessed from other devices, stored in the Cloud, and shared with other users. This means that individual files do not need to be moved into a designated folder.

Cubby also allows users to share via Cloud or direct sync an unlimited amount of information across their devices for free. Additionally, users can invite others into their Cubby.

The service can be accessed from any Web browser, comes standard with Windows or Mac desktop apps, and offers a free iPad, iPhone, and Android app via their respective app stores.

People interested in participating in the beta can request an invite via the Cubby website. The beta offers 5GB of Cloud storage, free unlimited syncing across devices, as well as apps.

WD ships Ultrabook HDD for lower power consumption

Storage device vendor, Western Digital (WD), has released the Scorpio Blue 7mm hard drive, a device designed for minimising power consumption.

The device is built with advanced power management features and algorithms to optimise the way the drive seeks data as to reduce power consumption.

Available in 500GB and 320GB capacities, the Scorpio Blue is compatible with 9.5mm slots for use in slimmer notebooks and Ultrabooks that require 7mm drive height.

According to WD client storage products vice-president and general manager, Matt Rutledge, the product aims to offer capacity as well as thin form factor as “consumers want thing and light personal computers, but the limited storage capacity of SSD-based notebooks forces them to pick and choose what files to bring from their library.”

Scorpio Blue also includes ShockGuard technology, which has been increased to 400Gs shock specification, and WhisperDrive technology for quiet performance.

The Scorpio Blue comes with two years warranty and is available for: 500GB - $109.99; 320GB - $89.99. Australian distributors are Achieva Technology and Synnex.

SolarWinds’ virtualisation management tool

IT management software provider, SolarWinds has released its Virtualisation Manager, a solution for managing VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.

“We are seeing more customers adding a second hypervisor to their virtualisation mix or choosing to migrate to another,” SolarWinds vice-president and market leader, Sanjay Castelino, said. “To that end, we’ve added Microsoft Hyper-V support to Virtualisation manager to give organisation the flexibility to manage one of both VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors.”

Virtualisation Manager delivers integrated capacity planning, sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management, and chargeback automation, promising to reduce pain around troubleshooting, downtime, and resource utilisation.

Through a unified approach, the solution aims to simplify control of virtualised environments despite size, guiding users from early deployment to implementation of private Cloud initiatives.

Virtualisation Manager also integrates with Storage Manager, enabling users to go to the logical unit number (LUN) for both VMware and Hyper-V and the physical disk level stats, for VM-to-spindle visibility for accelerated troubleshooting.

Virtualisation Manager is available from $US2995, with the first year of maintenance included.

HP enhances its CRM solution for customer analytics and insight

HP has made alterations to its customer relationship management (CRM) services that aim to help clients engage in conversations with customers through social media channels.

The new HP Social Enterprise Services are designed to offer quick implementation of a social CRM program to improve communications and engagement with customers, and assist clients in understanding them.

Social Enterprise Services incorporate social media channels into existing contact centre channels to provide a holistic view of customers.

Organisations can integrate social media strategy, process, information, analytics, technology and contact centre teams to deliver products that cater for customer requirements.

The services use analytics from HP’s central research arm, Labs, as well as Vertica and Autonomy, for structured and unstructured data.

The services provide two models, HP Agent Services to engage with customers in social media channels, and Social Media Analysis to mine the social web for information.

These feature listening, analysis, routing, engagement, and reporting services.

“Social media has become a game changer in company-customer interactions, and it eneds to be integrated into an organisation’s contact centre,” HP South Pacific vice-president of enterprise services, Alan Bennett, said.

Social Enterprise Services is designed to leverage other pan-HP tools to accommodate for client requirements.

CommVault-Microsoft collaboration to bring Simpana through Azure

CommVault has extended collaboration with Microsoft Corp, announcing that the two will be offering Cloud storage capability which combines Simpana software with the Windows Azure Cloud platform.

The solution, which starts at $US50,000, includes up to 62TB of Azure Cloud storage with Simpana 9 Express software for archiving and backup capabilities for mid to large enterprises who are working with large amounts of data and long-term retention and compliance requirements.

Simpana offers integrated source-side deduplication, data encryption, and reporting and chargeback capabilities. It also supports backup, recovery and archiving for all Microsoft application environments. This includes Files, SharePoint 2010, Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V virtualisation, both on-premises and in the Cloud.

By taking advantage of the Windows Azure infrastructure, Simpana will become a part of Azure solutions developed by Microsoft and third parties.

The new solution is available in two configurations: 62TB of non-geo replicated Azure storage, or 41TB of standard Azure storage for $US50,000 per year.

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