How Arqball met Cinsay: Startups merge products at DEMO 2012

How Arqball met Cinsay: Startups merge products at DEMO 2012

As mentioned earlier this week, one particularly impressive mobile app showcased at the DEMO Spring 2012 conference in Santa Clara seemed like a good potential partner for other apps. Less than 24 hours later, that's exactly what it became.

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Around noon on Thursday, representatives from Arqball, whose combined iOS app and rotating stage creates interactive 3D images of individual objects, began talking with the folks at Cinsay, a company that injects real-time e-commerce capabilities into video advertisements. By 5 p.m., the two had completed a product that merges their technologies.

Prior to the partnership, users who clicked on video advertisements adorned with Cinsay's Smart Container technology saw an enlarged image of the product being advertised as well as a button to add it to an online shopping cart within that video. Sergey Sundukovskiy, Cinsay's CIO, says that the one complaint he had with the technology was that "the products [in the advertisements] were not dynamic and that it's very difficult to see them."

So, after watching the mobile app demonstrations at the conference's first day, Sundukovskiy and his colleagues introduced themselves to Arqball and came up with a win-win-win situation.

"It's great for everybody, including the customer," Michael Holroyd, research scientist at Arqball, says. "We get more exposure for our technology, they get to use this in their [product], and then also the customer can make a better decision on what to buy."

Now, customers viewing video advertisements with Cinsay's technology get an interactive 3D image that can be turned with the movements of the user's mouse, enabling them to see all sides of the product they may be considering. Meanwhile, Arqball's technology is given additional visibility through online video, and Cinsay's product becomes more interactive, and therefore attractive, to potential customers in the advertising world.

Moving forward, the companies plan to release a combined mobile app, which would give users the ability to capture an interactive 3D image and then attach it to a video advertisement from the same application.

The only remaining factor is the miniature rotating stage Arqball is selling to help simplify the process of capturing a 3D image. However, with a little success on its Kickstarter campaign, those will be ready for mass production and the advertising world can capitalize on an unexpected friendship at DEMO.

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