EXCLUSIVE: Riverbed splits with Westcon

EXCLUSIVE: Riverbed splits with Westcon

Networking vendor partners with Avnet in Australia in line with global strategy

ARN has learned ahead of a public announcement that Riverbed has traded in Westcon Group for Avnet for local distribution.

While Riverbed and Avnet are currently working together on preparing a formal statement on the deal, Riverbed regional director for A/NZ, Ian Raper, confirmed the move to Avnet.

“We have done a fair amount of work on our partner program and we are going with Avnet as our global distribution partner,” he said.

Avnet is currently Riverbed’s global distribution partner, and Raper said what the company is doing in Australia is getting in line with that program and extending it to include Avnet in Australia.

“Avnet has been distributing our product in the larger market, such as America and Europe, for some time. It was just a matter of extending that,” he said.

The benefits Riverbed believes will come out of this deal will be to leverage the expertise and technical capability that they enjoy in other markets today, and making that available in Australia.

According to Raper, Riverbed will continue to work with its other distributors such as Distribution Central, despite the move to Avent.

Even though the company has split with Westcon, Raper said the distributor is still on good terms with the vendor.

“We’ve worked together for over two years now, and they have been very influential in our growth, which has been pretty good for a long time now,” he said.

He said Riverbed will continue to do business with Westcon in a number of areas, particularly with some of the contracts that they manage.

“So that relationship continues, and the change is that we’re going to adopt a global strategy to work with Avnet,” he said.

“Westcon will continue with Riverbed in some areas of the business, but it basically comes down to our global distribution strategy that consists of working with Avnet, as they already work with us in America and Europe, so we’re just extending that to include Australia now."

The partnership with Avnet comes after Riverbed recently improved its partner program to make it more accessible for its partners.

ARN will follow up with Westcon for comment.

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