APP OF THE DAY: Epicurious

APP OF THE DAY: Epicurious

App can search through more than 30,000 professional recipes

Cost: Free | Developer: Condé Nast Digital | Platform: iOS/ Android/Windows Phone | Version: 3.0.3 | 12.8 MB

Having moved into a new place with a decent stove, I have recently become a cooking fanatic. Seeing my enthusiasm, a friend of mine recommended the app, Epicurious, to me.

It’s a relatively old application first launched in 2009 by the popular recipe website, Since then it has racked up over five million downloads so it must have done something right.

Essentially it is a cook’s companion. The app can search through more than 30,000 professional recipes and allow users to compile their shopping lists with ease.

Favourite recipes and shopping lists can be saved and emailed so you can share it with friends and family.

If you’re stuck on what to make for dinner, Epicurious can help out with that too. You can select from the list of suggestion recipes broken down into categories such as Spring dinners, weekend brunch, and Mother’s Day dinners.

The best part of the app, though, the recipes display a rating system which shows how many users would make the dish again. That way you can make an informed decision on whether to slave away in the kitchen for an hour making that Spicy Chicken Thighs with Rhubarb and Cucumber.

Pros: Free, easy to use, loads of recipes to choose from, clean layout for quick navigation.

Cons: May turn you into a cooking fiend.

Verdict: A handy tool for lovers of cooking.

Get it here: Epicurious website

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4.

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