Sophos: worrying survey results call for IT security training tool

Sophos: worrying survey results call for IT security training tool

96 per cent of respondents do not trust end users, apathy a key problem

A new survey conducted by Sophos has found that 96 per cent of IT professionals do not trust their end users to make appropriate IT security decisions, emphasising the need to educate employees on IT security best practice.

The survey, which asked IT professionals from around the globe questions regarding employee IT usage behaviour, also found that 48 per cent fix security issues caused by end user negligence at least once a week.

Other results show that 26 per cent responded that senior management commits the worst security offences, and 19 per cent attribute IT to committing these offences.

According to Sophos, the results highlight the impact that a lack of knowledge on security policies has on IT infrastructures.

“Apathy is a primary issue,” Sophos APAC managing director, Rob Forsyth, said. “Apathy is one of those things fuelled by ‘nothing will happen to me because it is someone else’s problem.’”

As a result, Sophos has developed a free training tool, ‘IT security DOs and DON’Ts’, to help IT professionals in teaching their colleagues about security.

The tool kit includes a launch guide with quick tips, posters and handbook with top tips, bite-sized reminder email templates, password guidelines, and a PowerPoint presentation for training sessions.

“We are hoping that IT professionals will take these tools, which are attempting to sell confidence and safety online, and give them to HR departments who will deliver the message to employees,” Forsyth said.

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