CA Technologies introduces a new partner program

CA Technologies introduces a new partner program

Global program delivers improved tools and services such as a dedicated portal


CA Technologies has introduced a new partner program to keep pace with a continually evolving business models.

The CA Global Partner Program now includes an end-to-end solutions portfolio that is platform-agnostic, business enablement for growth, and Cloud enablement so that partners can operate better in the shifting IT landscape.

CA Technologies Australia and New Zealand senior channel director, Klasie Holtzhausen, said the new partner program is a reflection of the “evolution” of the company’s customers’ and partners’ business models.

“Things are changing out there and so is our portfolio, so our partners have been asked to take on a greater and more sophisticated role and helping their customers to provide innovation, and moving away from solely managing and maintaining IT systems and towards delivering new and innovative business services,” he said,

The change in the market, as well as what is being expected of partners when delivering to customers, is what drove CA Technologies to look at how to improve and refine their program to be more supportive of current businesses and models out in the world today.

Holtzhausen points out that is the reason why the new program is structured in a way that it helps CA Technologies’ partners “accelerate and transform,” and to ensure that they continue to provide that assurance and security to the environments that they support.

“This is also so our partners can help customers configure, implement and manage across the diverse hardware and software platforms and technologies that they have to support out there in the marketplace,” he said.

Holtzhausen added the move is also about moving up from “purely delivering and maintaining IT systems” to delivering “new and innovative services.”

“And to be able to do that, we wanted to put a strong program behind that to support partners,” he said.

The program is structure around five areas from a relationship, technology, enablement, marketing, and selling perspective, and across those five areas, Holtzhausen says that there are benefits and improvements that are derived from each of those.

In particular, from a relationship perspective, Holtzhausen feels that the new partner portal is going to be "very instrumental" in the success of local partners, because it is a lot easier to access enablement, information and white papers, and a lot more informative for partners to get access to information in a timely fashion so they can leverage it as part of their go to market strategy.

“The new portal that we launched as part of this new announcement forms a critical part of the partner program,” he said.

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