simplicITy to 'revolutionise' computing with USB software system

simplicITy to 'revolutionise' computing with USB software system

Targeted at individuals who have trouble with operating a computer



simplicITy computers is aiming at revolutionising computing with its Homekey memory stick built with Envelope software, a device targeted at individuals who have trouble operating existing systems.

Essentially, Homekey is a beginner's tool for simple tasks like email, web browsing, document composition, photo storage, and basic gaming. For those who want to extend its capabilities, the settings can be switched to ‘advanced’ for access to about 16,000 applications through Linux Mint.

The 16GB USB stick is set up to run the Envelope operating system, rather than acting as a storage device. When plugged into a PC, it bypasses the internal hard drive and runs Envelope from the USB. All work is saved on the device.

The software does not have drop down menus or tool bars, nor does it have an array of icons. It presents only the main features for beginners, with a single-click access function.

Additionally, the software is equipped with tutorial videos for further guidance.

According to simplicITy, 8.5 million people in the UK have never used a computer or have given up trying as conventional software is too complicated, and computers are too expensive – this is the company’s market.

Homekey is compatible with most Windows systems up to eight years old; it does not operate with Mac.

The device retails at £69.95, meaning that old low performance PCs can be reused for basic purposes.

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