APP OF THE DAY: Onavo Extend

APP OF THE DAY: Onavo Extend

Compresses data so you can use up less of your mobile phone data limit

Onavo Extend
Cost: Free | Developer: Onavo | Platform: iOS and Android | Version: 1.6.9 | 3.7 MB |

For those that want to make the most of their meagre data plans on their smartphones, please pay attention. Apparently there is an app that allows you to use 80 per cent more of your mobile data download limit. That app is Onvao Extend.

Having recently known a person that has been slugged $500 for excess data charges on his smartphone, Onavo was suggested to me as not only a way to reduce the amount of cellular data my iPhone apps consume but to also keep track of data consumption.

How Onavo works, according to the developer, is it shrinks the data your phone requests through its remote cloud-based compression service. The data is then sent back through your mobile carrier and onto your smartphone.

Onavo also gives a breakdown of what data was compressed, how much data you have saved as well as which app uses the most data.

Having only used it for a short period of time, it is hard to say whether it can actually extend my data usage by up to 80 per cent. But so far it looks promising and I have noticed surfing the web and loading up Facebook has been sped up slightly.

The only downside of Onavo is it doesn’t support data compression for VoIP apps like Skype, which are very data intensive.

Privacy is also a concern since data is compressed using remote servers though the developers say the whole process is automated and they would never “sell, rent or lease any personally identifiable information to third parties”.

Onavo Extend is available on iOS and Android devices.

Pros: Compresses data so you can use up less of your mobile phone data limit, clean and clear reports on how much data was saved using the app, keeps track of which apps use the most data, it’s free

Cons: Doesn’t support VoIP applications such as Skype, privacy concerns

Verdict: No harm giving it a go.

Get it here: Onvao website

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4.

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