Software Briefs: XML, POS, MS

Software Briefs: XML, POS, MS

XML's Australian progress

The Australian office of European vendor Software AG has done some research in order to check on the progress of XML in the local market. Software AG, which specialises in XML-based integration technologies, sponsored a survey of 220 Australian corporations with revenues of more than $200 million and government departments and found that 94 per cent of respondents were familiar with the technology, but 70 per cent said they lacked XML skills. Around 58 per cent of respondents were currently engaged in integration projects.

POS groomed for export

Queensland-based point-of-sale software developer Shortcuts Software is undertaking some aggressive marketing to penetrate the European and US markets. Shortcuts develops software for the unlikely vertical of hair salons. The company claims it has tied up around 75 per cent of the market in Australia. The software is already being sold into 16 countries. The complete version of the software comes with CRM and HR modules and retails for around $A4,995.

MS accused of stalling

Microsoft is trying to strong-arm software developers into using its .Net platform for Web services by dropping support for Sun Microsystems' Java programming language, an attorney for the states suing the software giant attempted to prove at a Microsoft remedy hearing. Scott Borduin, Autodesk's vice president and CTO, testified for Microsoft and told attorney for the states Kevin Hodges that he and others at Autodesk were troubled to learn of Microsoft's plans to omit the Java Virtual Machine from Windows XP - therefore dropping support for Java - since some of his software company's products depended on Java's presence. Borduin was asked whether Microsoft dropped Java support in Windows as a way to force developers to instead use its competing .Net technology. "I didn't actually know at the time what their intent was, but that's what it looked like."

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