What's new from ... APC, IMV, Wilhart, Liebert, Invensys

What's new from ... APC, IMV, Wilhart, Liebert, Invensys


Targeting the service provider and data centre market, this rack-mounted UPS offering from APC provides power protection from 2kVA-6kVA. On average, this equates to power protection for five to 20 servers against power anomalies and outages. Management of the Symmetra RM can be controlled through a Web interface and occupies 8U of vertical rack space. The Symmetra RM is the latest in APC's Symmetra Power Array family, which includes 4kVA-16kVA tower models.

The rack-mounted design is modelled on RAID (redundant array of independent disk) architecture, to provide complete redundancy across every critical point of failure. This design consists of a rack-mount frame with slots to house both power and battery modules that share the load. It also has an intelligent module to kick start other UPS modules should a single system fail.

Priced at $6266, the Symmetra RM Power Array is available from APC distributors.

APC: (02) 8923 9321,


Operating in double conversion mode in order to provide true online operation, IMV's LanPro offers remote control, monitoring and power management software. This management functionality enables multiple UPS units to be controlled in a peer-to-peer environment and offers redundancy across an entire enterprise.

The redundant parallel architecture features a LCD display screen and power ratings of 3-30kVA.

The LanPro series is targeted at the medium-sized enterprise to protect local and wide area network, and telecommunications infrastructures.

IMV's LanPro UPS offering boasts multiple configurations designed to provide voltage-based load sharing. In addition, it is possible to remove and insert one complete UPS unit in a parallel system without interruption and without bypassing the critical load. Reducing the number of UPS systems online if the mains are stable, the IMV LanPro series aims to reduce an organisation's energy consumption and operating costs.

Distributed by Nilsen Technologies, pricing is available upon request.

Nilsen Technologies: (03) 9419 9999,

Wilhart Powerteck

The Smart King 1000 is designed to have a minimum impact on the surrounding environment in terms of power and noise emissions. The offering features a LCD display, line interactive design with buck-and-boost AVR, fully digitised microprocessor controls, tel/modem and Internet surge suppression, lightning, surge, short circuit and overload protection, as well as EMI/RFI noise filter and automatic battery charges while the UPS is off. The product comes complete for installation with shutdown software for Win 95/98/NT and Novell, a power cable and a serial cable.

The automatic self-test discharge protection battery comes complete with a replacement battery indicator and provides for between 10 to 30 minutes backup, depending on the computer load. Under normal circumstances the battery reloads within four hours and is ready to protect the system.

The Smart King 1000 is available through Multimedia Technologies and retails for approximately $830 and is currently available in Australia.

Multimedia Technologies: (03) 9837 2500,


The GXT 2U combines the reliability of the Liebert UPStation GXT with a smaller more practical 2U-size cabinet. A true online UPS, the GXT 2U includes power factor correction, internal batteries, frequency conversion, unlimited external battery connectability, and internal automatic/manual bypass capability. The GXT 2U can be installed as a space-saving rack-mounted unit or as a space-saving, freestanding tower. A Windows software program is included that allows the user to custom configure the GXT 2U to meet individual needs. The UPStation GXT 2U also features TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor) standard, user replaceable batteries without removing GXT 2U from rack, SNMPE3, Intellislot SNMP/Web Card and AS400 Card compatibility with a standard Liebert two-year warranty.

The Liebert GXT 2U, currently available at the 700VA, 100VA and 1500VA and retails for $1561, $1994 and $2100 respectively. September will also see the release of the 2000VA and 3000VA models onto the Australian market.

Liebert: (02) 9743 8555,


The Powerware 9125 represents Fourth-Generation Online topology and an operating efficiency of over 90 per cent. The offering is designed to isolate and protect connected equipment from power disturbances to major failures. The offering integrates advanced battery management plus technology designed to double battery service life, optimise recharge time and provide up to 60 days advanced notification of pending battery failure.

The offering also features individually controlled load segments, optional extended battery modules, and covers against a range of power problems including failures, sags, surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variations, switchingtransients and harmonic distortion.

Invensys: (02) 9460 9011,

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