IIA puts voluntary cybercrime code under review

IIA puts voluntary cybercrime code under review

Internet group wants to fortify efficacy of the icode against cybercrime for participating ISPs.

The Internet Industry Association (IIA) has put its voluntary industry code of practice to tackle cybercrime under review.

Known as the icode, the Internet group worked with Communications Minister, Senator Conroy, along with the Attorney-General, to launch the code of practice which ISPs can voluntarily adapt as ongoing efforts to fight cybercrime against Australian Internet users in late 2010.

The icode, which has been internationally recognised, involves the use of protective systems including virus protection, co-operation on reporting, and disclosure from participating ISPs.

It also “defines integrated steps of early identification, notification and director of users to remediate tools for computers thought to be infected by malicious software”.

"Through the use of these proactive measures, icode ISP's have seen a decrease in the number of affected customers," IIA director, John Lindsay, said in a statement.

So far, 44 ISPs have adopted the icode including iiNet, Telstra, Optus, and Internode. The IIA boast the code covers over 90 per cent of Australian Internet users.

Through feedback from ISPs, the IIA has claimed the icode to be an effective measure against cybercrime and the US and Europe are looking at employing a similar code of practice.

Reviewing the icode ensures the program will continue to be an effective against cybercrime.

Participating ISPs and IT security vendors have been invited to contribute to the review process.

The review will be discussed during National Cyber Security Awareness Week at an IIA forum on June 14.

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