APP OF THE DAY: Remote by Apple

APP OF THE DAY: Remote by Apple

Walking to your PC every time you want a different song is too 2011

Cost: Free | Developer:Apple | Platform:iOS | Version 2.3 | 21.0MB | 4.0+

Apple’s Remote app is a good tool to have, particularly if your PC is at the heart of your home entertainment, or if you’re a popular host.

The app does exactly what the name suggests – it serves as a remote control, allowing you to take charge of your iTunes or Apple TV via an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch through a Wi-Fi network.

When you first use it, you must connect it to your iTunes, at which point the app will remember the connection details.

The context in which I found Remote to be particularly useful is when hosting guests. With a notebook located in the bedroom room, I am able to switch artists, playlists, and songs, and adjust volume from my iPhone while hosting guests in the lounge. This eliminates the need to go to my PC each time there is a request, or to tone it down.

If you have a full home entertainment system, the app allows you to adjust the volume on each speak independently to avoid arguments in the family – let’s just hope everyone likes the same music!

The app works smoothly – in my extensive use, I have had no issues with errors, malfunctions, or crashes.

All actions are straight forward, and the app is simple to navigate, set up, to operate.

If you have tested this app on an Apple TV, leave your review in the comments section below.

Pros: Free, clear interface, smooth operation, highly convenient.

Cons: None thus far.

Verdict: A useful app that makes home entertainment much more convenient.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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