APP OF THE DAY: Angry Birds Space

APP OF THE DAY: Angry Birds Space

Yes, the bird is the word

Angry Birds Space screenshot.

Angry Birds Space screenshot.

Angry Birds Space
Cost: $0.99 | Developer:Rovio Mobile | Platform:iOS | Version 1.0.1| 20.0MB | 4.0+

Yes, the bird is most certainly the word.

Angry Birds Space takes the classic Angry Birds phenomenon to the next tactical level.

The new game by Rovio is based on the same principles and rules as the traditional – you have a set of birds with different abilities, and your objective is to kill pigs in order to collect eggs.

More than just an expansion pack like Rio and Seasons, Space adds (zero-)gravity to the mix.

Basically, the birds are in space, with areas of zero gravity, alongside small planets which have their own gravitational fields. As you launch a bird, it travels straight if outside a field, and is pulled in as it enters one.

These gravitational changes really add to the strategic and tactical value of the game, requiring a more calculated approach to gameplay – let’s face it, the original became highly predictable. You are forced to go from zero to full gravity, and negotiate through overlapping fields which makes it a bit tricky.

In saying so, the birds’ and environment’s behaviour can be calculated as you gain experience with the game, but it maintains a foreign feel.

In addition to a revamped appearance, the birds’ abilities are also slightly altered – we won’t give it away in case you haven’t tried it yet. There is also a new bird for you to play with.

As an added feature, there are bonus levels to be unlocked within the standard levels which prove to be challenging.

Pros: The great classic with a new appearance and feel – works just fine.

Cons: Achieving three stars can get really, really… REALLY, frustrating.

Verdict: Overall an addictive game that enhances the tactical demands of the original.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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