Minidisc gets networked

Minidisc gets networked

Sony Minidisc users can now transfer files from their PC with the launch of the Net MD Walkman, the MZ-N1. The player comes with a USB charging cradle and Open MG Jukebox software so users can transfer CDs from a PC hard drive to the MD in a matter of minutes. The software also acts as an ATRAC/ATRAC3 encoder, which allows music recorded via the Net MD to be played on any compatible MD deck.

The MZ-N1 also uses MiniDisc Long Play compression, allowing around five hours of music to be recorded onto an 80-minute disk. It also features a back-lit controller and three-line dot matrix display for search and editing functions. Sony expects the new technology will help double MD sales and to mark the launch has introduced a newly packaged MiniDisc.

The Net MD will retail for $899 and is available this month.

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