Developer distie takes the LEAD

Developer distie takes the LEAD

Software development tools vendor MicroWay has announced the availability of a new high-end graphics development tool, developed for Microsoft's .NET technology.

MicroWay has made available a beta for LEADTOOLS imaging tool-kit for the Microsoft .NET framework, which helps developers to integrate a variety of high-end imaging tools into their applications.

With the second beta of .NET released, MicroWay managing director David Looke said developers are getting themselves placed for the change and are keen to get their hands on all the relevant tools for the next generation of applications. "This is the biggest thing since 32 bit computing," he said.

Dealing nationally from MicroWay's Victorian base, Looke said he is annoyed with the negativity perpetuated in the IT industry at present, and considers his business an example of a niche that is proving very profitable. Concentrating only on programming tools, MicroWay has over 22,000 developer customers in Australia with thousands of tools in its portfolio. Looke said last month was the best month the distributor has had in over 16 years.

"Our customers have been very prepared to put their hands in their pockets to buy tools, because essentially they are buying productivity," he said. "People will always pay for productivity."

The only threat to Looke's business, in his opinion, is the ability of vendors and overseas distributors to offer product at cheaper prices over the Internet. With this in mind, MicroWay has formulated a new pricing policy to beat any legitimate price from a competitor, be it an Australian competitor or an overseas distributor or vendor. "The irony is that the local competition is not the main competition," he said. "The Internet has made software distribution more price sensitive, which makes things a little difficult. We still have to provide better service, but provide it on a slimmer margin."

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