Discount shopping for big brands via smartphone

Cost: Free | Developer:CatchOfTheDay | Platform:iOS | Version 1.1.1 | 3.8MB | 4.0+

When shopping, or just making those nasty impulsive purchases, I find that most discounts are on either outdated products or small brands.’s smartphone app is a tool that brings special offers to your device, and yes, it does include products from major vendors such as Asus, Oakley, and Hurley.

Although it is still in its early stages, the app offers a broad range of products from a variety of categories – ranging from PCs and components, to fashion.

The home screen is split into a list of large thumbnails, headlined by the apps ‘Catch-a-thon’. This feature offers over 400 products at discount prices with a $10 shipping cap.

Each product is displayed with a thumbnail, name, and price. If you tap on a product, the app leads you to a breakdown of specifications, other details, larger images, and warranty information.

The discounts are timed, though. The top of the app displays a timer, and as it elapses, new special offers appear.

The problem I found was that there are no categories, which is okay for browsing, but problematic when looking for something specific. I anticipate that this functionality will be added to future updates.

CatchOfTheDay allows users to become members in order to receive access to daily ‘crazy offers’. Membership is free and quick to set up.

Additionally, all finds can shared via Facebook or Twitter, so your family and friends can take advantage of goodies that you find.

Pros: Small file size, operates smoothly, finds bargains for you.

Cons: No search function and no categories.

Verdict: A useful tool to browse through discounted big brand and popular items. Especially handy for buying gifts, and impulsive spending.

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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