APP OF THE DAY: Shake Camera

APP OF THE DAY: Shake Camera

Cuts down your time in searching for your camera app

Shake Camera
Cost: Free | Developer: Macros Developers | Platform: Android | Version 1.4.6 | 272KB | 1.6+

My life has just been made that much easier. Like me, if you have trouble locating the camera app on your device quickly, you can now rest assured.

With Shake Camera, all you have to do is unlock your mobile and literally shake your phone to go into camera mode. The app enables your camera to turn on whenever you need it – regardless of if you are in the midst of using another app too.

You can alter the settings of the app to adjust the sensibility of the shakes, sensor parameters and even set up voice recognition technology to take a photo or video.

It also features a range of effects to choose from, photo taking options (such as action burst and panaroma) and quick access to your gallery along with the standard features available on the camera.

Needless to say, the app runs on the background so it does affect your battery life slightly. If you are running low on battery, you can always turn the feature off.

This app was reviewed on a HTC Velocity 4G.

Pros: Cuts down your time in searching for your camera app.

Cons: Can be quite annoying when the camera pops up while you are in the middle of using another application and happen to move the phone.

Verdict: Worth a ‘shake’ or two.

Get it here: appmeister, Patrick Budmar, your review or the name of the app you would like to see reviewed.

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