HTC looks to LogMeIn for mobile customer support service

HTC looks to LogMeIn for mobile customer support service

LogMeIn Rescue to be deployed in future Android devices to drive remote diagnostics and resolutions

As part of its strategy to enhance overall mobile customer experience, HTC has entered into an agreement with Cloud-based services provider, LogMeIn to deploy the LogMeIn Rescue remote support and customer care offering across its call centres worldwide.

LogMeIn Rescue, a Web-based offering, combines remote control with device configuration, alongside live chat and diagnostic capabilities.

The user-enabled service, which will be pre-deployed on future HTC devices running on the Android operating system, dependent on individual phone operators’ consent, will give customers the ability to connect to HTC care representatives.

HTC customer service staff and technicians will then be able to run remote diagnostics, diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues, push common device and network configuration settings, and remotely control the customer’s device to resolve issues.

These services are limited to basic and common issues, and a data connection must be possible in order for the connection to take place.

The move aligns with results from a recent survey conducted by market research firm, Ovum, and LogMeIn, which demonstrated shifting trends in identifying successful customer service, with the ‘customer satisfaction’ metric gaining focus.

“For HTC, customer care initiatives can provide key opportunities for differentiation in an increasingly crowded marketplace,” LogMeIn customer care products vice-president, Lee Weiner, said.

Essentially, the Rescue service therefore has the potential to contribute to the metric, although the extent of its benefits is in process of being seen as the rollout commences.

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