Windows 8 consistency a positive for corporates: Datacom

Windows 8 consistency a positive for corporates: Datacom

Datacom’s director sees corporate promises, and competition for Android and iOS

Windows 8 will unite the single user experience across multiple end-user device types for the first time, driving collaboration and assisting the explosion of mobility, according to Datacom director, Mark McWilliams.

That is, of course, if it can deliver on its promises.

Although the operating system has faced its share of criticism due to its overhaul of the Windows appearance, Williams believes that it will give both iOS and Android a run for its money.

Microsoft is doing a very good job at bringing consistency right across its platforms,” he said. “Take the Xbox 360 metro interface, for example – that look will be converged across all devices.”

Regardless of the end user’s preferred device, the operating system will deliver a unified experience across tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop units.

The question is, then, what implications and effects will it have on Australian enterprises?

“I believe it will accelerate mobility significantly,” McWilliams said. “At the moment, products like the iPad, from my perspective, do not allow senior people to take advantage of corporate applications, and Windows 8 will bring this back with an end-to-end experience.”

He said the challenge of Windows 8 will be migrating applications without “breaking anything.”

The benefit, McWilliams said, will be the delivery of applications from corporate datecentres, eliminating the requirement for individual installations on user devices.

With the addition of collaboration capabilities, such as Cloud-based collaboration, which Datacom is in the process of developing, Windows 8 will bring substantial competition to both Android and iOS, according to McWilliams.

“We cannot underestimate the powerhouse that Microsoft is,” he said. “This new release, especially that it is a multi-form factor, will give competitors a good run for their money.”

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