Microsoft Australia grants Red Cross $10m for IT infrastructure upgrade

Microsoft Australia grants Red Cross $10m for IT infrastructure upgrade

Allocates largest ever single technology grant

Microsoft Australia has extended its ongoing relationship with Red Cross Australia, by providing the humanitarian organisation with a technology grant worth $10 million.

The grant is part of an ongoing relationship between Red Cross and Microsoft that began through Microsoft’s Workplace Giving Program.

According to Microsoft Australia, this is the largest ever single technology grant it has provided.

It will enable Red Cross Australia to modernise its IT infrastructure and help intensify and improve its delivery of humanitarian programs.

Red Cross CEO, Robert Tickner, said the grant will enable the organisation to update its technology platforms significantly.

“In the past, our investment in technology infrastructure has been set at minimal levels to keep our humanitarian programs running, which means that we have lagged behind the rest of world,” he stated.

On the long run, the grant will support Red Cross in delivering more services to vulnerable people through better engagement with supporters, improved delivery of services, expansion of services and facilitating quicker mobilisation of volunteers in time of emergencies and disasters.

Red Cross has reciprocated Microsoft’s support by assigning it the status of a National Humanity Partner – the highest level of corporate partnership with Red Cross in Australia.

Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to Red Cross will extend beyond the grant arrangement, providing Microsoft employees with the chance to engage with Red Cross through hands-on volunteering and fundraising opportunities.

“We set our sights not just on helping to modernise Red Cross’s IT systems but rather thinking about how we could enable this institution to significantly enhance the services they provide to vulnerable Australians,” Microsoft Australia managing director, Pip Marlow, said.

The rollout of the Microsoft software is expected to take place during 2012 and 2013.

Microsoft Australia is also encouraging the rest of the Australian community sector to get involved as well.

The company has a community sector program that, in the last three years alone, has allocated more than $100 million in software donations.

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