Updated: Moneytech unable to finance Ingram customers

Updated: Moneytech unable to finance Ingram customers

Ingram denies SAP implementation has meant small resellers with no direct Ingram account are unable to secure credit

Moneytech has turned off its finance processing system with Ingram Micro allegedly following the SAP teething problems the distributor encountered.

Those issues still haven’t been resolved, leaving many smaller resellers still without a way to get credit with Ingram.

Prior to the SAP implementation, Moneytech had been running happily on the Adronis accounting platform that Ingram Micro had been using, and has been available to resellers since 2009. Post-SAP implementation, the service became too unreliable, and as a result Moneytech is now only able to process finances manually.

Moneytech managing director, Hugh Evans, said he would “wait and see how the dust settles,” but was keen to continue working with Ingram Micro.

The company was providing finance for a few hundred Ingram resellers, he said. Many of those dealt solely through Moneytech, and had since placed orders with rival distributors.

“We don’t like doing stuff manually,” Evans said. “From our point of view we’d like to be integrated with Ingram’s systems.

“We’re looking at how we can get up and working again with the new system. I’ll need to go out there and have a look.”

Moneytech’s systems are able to integrate with other SAP systems. Evans pointed to the partnership with Sony as an example, which runs a SAP system.

As a SAP implementation is a massive and costly project, there was simply not enough time to properly test the integration before Ingram went live, Evans said, and as a result it was too unstable to work.

“In the end we just had to turn it off,” he said.

Ingram Micro, however, has claimed that the split had nothing to do with the SAP implementation.

An Ingram Micro spokesperson said the split between the companies was mutual, and occured in November last year.

24/7 IT Services managing director, Tony Melia, said the lack of communication about the change with the reseller community was “confusing”.

The company only learned that it was unable to pay through Moneytech after it attempted to use the service.

“Our turnover meant we could keep our account manager with Ingram Micro,” Melia said. “We prefer to deal directly with Ingram, but many of the smaller guys had had their direct Ingram accounts cut off.

“There was not a lot of communication around the change.”

Melia said the SAP system with Ingram Micro is now better to work with than it was, although some small details, such as not getting emailed invoices, still proved to be frustrating.

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