Local business feels a Rypple in

Local business feels a Rypple in

ProQuest Consulting gets to go hand on with’s new employee management solution ahead of the North American launch

While one of the big announcements at Cloudforce San Francisco by salesforce.comchairman and CEO, Marc Benioff, may have been the launch of Salesforce Rypple, an Australian business has already been using the product for quite some time.

Sydney-based business and technology consulting outfit, ProQuest Consulting, purchased Salesforce Rypple in the middle of May 2011 as a way to better track and manage performance of employees in a more social fashion.

In the time that ProQuest Consulting managing director, Clive Roberts, has used Rypple, he has found the experience to be “pretty good.”

“Before Rypple, we were using a more traditional, though a quite high profile, performance management system called Success Factors," Roberts said.

“We found it a bit old fashioned and clunky, so were looking at something more usable and a modern paradigm than Success Factors, which was a form based, six monthly product.”

The issue that ProQuest Consulting encountered with Success Factors was that when it came time to do performance reviews every six months for everybody as a collective, it was a challenge to try to remember what the employees have been doing in the last six months and give them a rating that would tabulate into an average score.

“What we saw with Rypple something a bit more dynamic and fluent, and it provides an environment where you can capture feedback as you go,” Roberts said.

As an example, Roberts points to how the user is able to set “social objectives” or shared goals for the company, and these can be regularly inputted into the system through what he found to be a “user friendly interface.”

“Like Salesforce Chatter, it’s like having another Chatter stream in the company where you can write comments against goals and tasks you may have set,” he said.

“After you set it up, it regularly prompts you with a reminder to put data in, such as feedback about the people that work with you.”

When that information if collected, the user can hit a button when they reach the feedback cycle and it aggregates the information that has been collected about a person.

“What is great is that it might be small or big things, which has been miss with the old fashion type of product,” Roberts said.

“So it definitely gives you a better way of capturing information, and a better way of aggregating that information for when you come to do the review.”

Salesforce Rypple is available now and pricing starts at US$5 per user, per month.

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