Netgear partners with Neural Networks for Cloud backup

Netgear partners with Neural Networks for Cloud backup

Networking vendor implement Cloud Backup for ReadyNAS for data backup and disaster recovery

Netgear has partnered with Cloud data service provider, Neural Networks, for its Cloud Backup for ReadyNAS solution.

The move will mean that Netgear’s customers can use Cloud Backup for ReadyNAS to backup their data and for disaster recovery.

Netgear resellers will now also be able to add Cloud backup services without needing to invest in any infrastructure.

According to Netgear senior product marketing manager, Matt Pahnke, the partnership with Neural Networks cane about after looking at what the key issues were for the vendor's customers and data growth trends.

“One statistic that we go to a lot is that data is doubling every two years, but at the same time budgets are fairly flat,” he said.

“So customers want to do more with the limited resources that they have.”

The two kinds of key solutions that Pahnke found that customers were asking about, and also came from Netgear’s own research, was the move to virtualisation as a way to “control costs,” as well as the transition to the Cloud and Cloud-based providers.

“One of the ironies on the virtualisation side is that while it does save a little bit of money and operational resources, it actually acerbates the data growth problem,” he said.

As a result, Netgear found itself repeatedly faced with the question of how it can help out customers back up their data in a more efficient way.

“For many years, we were a disk-to-disk backup solution provider and it made sense that we extend that capability to the Cloud,” Pahnke said.

While Netgear sees several price and management advantages of the Cloud Backup for ReadyNAS solution, as well as benefits to its channel, Pahnke emphasises that move was mainly about helping NETGEAR’s customers to “deal with data growth and limited budgets,” and how the advent of Cloud technologies is able to “alleviate some of those problems.”

Netgear’s existing ReadyNAS Replicate service gives users the ability to set their own off-site replication with a point-and-click management system connected to their NETGEAR business grade ReadyNAS.

From a reseller perspective, this business model is aimed at resellers with their own data centre infrastructure who are looking to provide enterprise style cloud solutions for customers at "an affordable price."

The reseller and customer essentially register their respective NAS devices on a secure portal hosted by NETGEAR.

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