PRODUCTS: the latest from HP, Quest Software, Acclipse, BankLink, SolarWinds, and Eaton

PRODUCTS: the latest from HP, Quest Software, Acclipse, BankLink, SolarWinds, and Eaton

News in retail products, updated backup solutions, accounting software, SAM, and ePDU revisions

HP retail product offerings

Technology provider, HP has unveiled a series of products for the retail industry aimed at assisting in the sales process.

Included in the range is a POS case, barcode scanners, and wall displays.

The Retail Mobile POS Case is designed to work with the HP Slate 2, a 8.9-inch device that operates on Windows 7 OS, equipped with multi-touch display, a digital pen, and Evernote software. The device also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The POS solution contains three key features, aimed at offering retailers a mobile sales alternative:

  • A three-track magnetic stripe reader for processing cards with a magnetic strip.
  • 1D and 2D omno-directional bar code scanner for merchandise, coupons, or advertisements.
  • A push-button trigger that works with barcode-scan applications.

HP’s barcode scanner range comes in the form of a:

  • Laser barcode scanner: a light-weight device designed for speed to capture 1D barcodes.
  • Linear barcode scanner: can read most common 1D barcodes, barcodes on mobile devices, and operates by hand or on a stand.
  • Imaging barcode scanner: captures both 1D and 2D scanning for regular and mobile barcodes either by hand or on a stand.
  • Presentation barcode scanner: an on-counter device for 1D and 2D capture.

The LD4730 wall displays, available with an optional protective glass, measure in at 47 inches, offering a resolution of 1366x768. They feature VGA and DisplayPort both in and out, and have USB 2.0 compatibility.

Information on pricing and availability can be found through HP’s website.

Quest Software launches SMB-specific NetVault Backup version

IT management software vendor, Quest_Software has added a Capacity Edition to its NetVault Backup solutions portfolio.

Designed to meet the needs of SMBs, the solution offers cross-platform data protection for both virtual and physical environments.

The product’s backup and recovery support includes Windows Linux, Mac OS X, VMware, and Hyper-V, and delivers plug-ins that aim to ensure the availability of business-critical databases and applications, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, and MySQL.

Additionally, it is designed to be installed, configured, and operating within 45 minutes, featuring a simplified UI that requires only minimal training, and reduces cost of backend maintenance.

“Capacity Edition changes the playing field for SMBs,” Quest Software data protection senior vice-president and general manager, Walter Angerer, said.

“It provides the ease of use and broad platform and application protection SMBs need as their physical and virtual environments continue to grow.”

The NetVault Backup Capacity Edition is available through a per-terabyte pricing model, with clients, plug-ins, and options available at no additional charge.

Acclipse collaborates with BankLink to offer iBizz accounting solution

Accounting software vendor, Acclipse has collaborated with BankLink, who will be supplying data, to create iBizz, an online business accounting solution designed to provide daily data to both accountants and business clients.

Scheduled for launch later this year, iBizz aims to offer a secure and accurate online experience that is available through accountants, rather than directly to end-users.

“iBizz will be offered exclusively through accounting practices because, as the trusted advisor, we believe they are best qualified to work with their clients to choose the most appropriate solution for them,” Acclipse CEO, Mike Chisholm, said.

The purpose of the solution is to ensure all data is constantly present, allowing accountants and clients to collaborate by viewing and working on the same data online.

All data will be received through BankLink’s direct feed from over 100 financial institutions.

The solution is designed so that customers will not need to disclose their personal information, such as bank passwords, to accountants.

Additionally, iBizz offers reporting into business performance to improve the accuracy of tracking key KPIs for business growth.

SolarWinds SAM v5.0

IT management software vendor, SolarWinds has released version five of its server and application monitor (SAM), formerly an application performance monitor (APM).

The SAM is a management product that enables monitoring of Windows, Unix, and Linux servers, giving visibility into the performance of critical IT services, underlying application components, and the operating system and server resources on which they run.

It was renamed due to SolarWinds’ focus on monitoring server and application health and performance.

New features in the version include a server hardware health monitor which provides alerts on server fan speed, power supply status, and other hardware health indicators.

It has Real-Time Process Explorer, a tool which monitors processes performance statistics like CPU, memory, virtual memory, and disk I/P.

Additionally, version five has support for IPv6, and a range of updated monitoring templates.

Eaton ePDUs integrate further functionality

Diversified industrial manufacturer, Eaton Corporation has revised its enclosure power distribution units (ePDUs) to add support for Cisco EnergyWise power management, a power scheduling function for planned shutdowns, and mass configuration and mass upgrade of ePDUs.

EnergyWise is a technology that allows companies to manage, switch and control the power consumption of infrastructure within an enabled datacentre.

Integration of the technology provides users with additional usage management and monitoring capabilities.

Additionally, the ePDUs work as a Cisco endpoint in the EnergyWise network and can therefore be accessed directly from an enabled management application.

“Combined with EnergyWise power management capabilities, the ePDUs give a comprehensive overview of energy demands and usage in a datacentre, be it small, medium, or large,” Eaton distributed power quality business product manager, APAC, Ciaran Bolton, said.

The functionalities are available via firmware updates for the recently launched set of managed, advanced monitored and switched ePDU products.

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