APP OF THE DAY: Navigon Australia

APP OF THE DAY: Navigon Australia

Good app for finding POIs, but costy compared to others

Navigon Australia
Cost: $69.99 | Developer:Navigon AG | Platform:iOS | Version 2.0.2| 45.8MB | 4.0+

The Navigon Australia app offers all the essentials featured in a navigation system, including the cost.

When playing around with it, I found myself comparing it to Equibs Solutions’ Mud Map – Outdoor Off Road GPS Australia app.

What I found overly appealing is the app’s user interface. Upon launch, it contains a basic menu that lets you select between address search, POIs, saved destinations, and your preset home address.

Likewise, the settings, extras, map manager, and ‘more’ menus are simplified, and operate smoothly.

Unfortunately though, the map itself is somewhat frustrating.

Firstly, despite only being 45.8MB in size, the app requires a 147.9MB initial download, alongside a 204.1MB map file. Yes, the benefit is that maps do not need to be loaded on operation, but it is slightly deceiving.

Additionally, the map appears to function on somewhat of a low framerate – in other words, the scrolling isn’t as smooth as Mud Map, for example.

A very handy tool built into Navigon Australia is the elaborate POI system which divides a large array of places into distinct categories. For example, it not only tracks petrol stations, but shows you where to find the closest Shell or 7/11. This proves to be useful if you’re like me, and have very specific preferences.

Another well designed visual feature is its Lane Assistant, which is a saviour when driving around Sydney streets and when taking exits.

Pros: POI system, settings are thorough

Cons: Very expensive, large file size, map scrolling isn’t smooth.

Verdict: A concise app, but probably not the best there is.

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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