Optus' Bendigo 4G trial yields 70Mbps download speeds

Optus' Bendigo 4G trial yields 70Mbps download speeds

“This wasn’t in the lab – it was in the middle of Bendigo CBD," Optus CEO, Paul O'Sullivan, said.

Optus has released the results for its 4G LTE network trials in the 700MHz spectrum with recorded download speeds exceeding 70Mbps.

The trial occurred in Bendigo, Victoria, and was announced in September along with the telco’s plans to rollout a 4G LTE network by refarming 2G 1800MHz spectrum.

The 700MHz spectrum will be auctioned off at the end of this year. It garnered attention when emergency services organisations (ESOs) urged the Government to save a piece of the spectrum for a high-speed wireless broadband network for public safety.

Australian telcos are opposed to this.

During the trial, a variety of Optus services were tested over the network including smartphone apps, mobile TV services, Internet TV, online gaming, and telepresence.

“We achieved peak download speeds of over 70Mbps,” Optus CEO, Paul O’Sullivan, said in a statement. “This wasn’t in the lab – it was in the middle of Bendigo CBD.”

The telco also showed that data can travel at further distances on 700MHz compared with 1800MHz.

“… 4G coverage delivered on 700MHz could be achieved over 13kms from a single tower compared to around 3-6kms using existing 4G 1800MHz spectrum,” Optus Networks managing director, Günther Ottendorfer, in a statement. “This is particularly important when deploying high-speed mobilie services across large distances for customers in regional Australia.”

The trial showed a 700MHz 4G network did not interfere with any TV services.

Currently, analogue TV runs on the 700MHz spectrum.

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