APP OF THE DAY: Pinboard for Pinterest

APP OF THE DAY: Pinboard for Pinterest

App is a great way to access a social network with real future potential

Pinboard for Pinterest
Cost: $0.99 | Developer:Silviu Stefan | Platform:iOS | Version 1.1 | 2.4 MB | 4.0+

Pinterest is starting to make a few waves around the Internet as the newest social network with the potential to hit it big.

It’s a nice, simple social network that allows people to share interesting links with one another. It’s a little like Facebook or Twitter, with a lot less inane chatter between the interesting bits.

Pinboard for Pinterest is one of the better applications out there that links in to your Pinterest account.

It displays your pinboard nicely on the iPad’s screen, and even has a workaround add-on to Safari that allows you to directly pin links to your pinboard.

Obviously, the value of this depends on how much of a user of Pinboard you are, but if you’re looking for a new social network, then this is one that is very well suited to tablet devices.

This app was reviewed on an iPad 1v

Pros: Pinboard is a great applicataion for displaying Pinterest; a social network you may want to get involved in now

Cons: It’s not free, and Pinterest is still marginal enough you might not see return on this social network for a while.

Verdict: It’s a great way to access a social network with real future potential.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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