A photography app that lets you add voice recordings to pictures

Cost: Free | Developer:Made By Many | Platform:iOS | Version 1.0.1 | 4.1MB | 4.0+

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but those words may not be conveying the message you wish to share, nor are they helping you recollect a memory amongst a thousand other photos.

Picle is an app that eliminates this mystery associated with photos by allowing you to record a 10-second sound clip to accompany the image.

The sound clip, which can be stopped before the 10 second mark, serves as a label, description, location marker, and so on.

This means that you aren’t left curious as to where, why, when, and what was captured.

Photos can be merged into “Stories”, which serve the same purpose as a photo album.

Picle’s settings let you toggle between a one or two step capture and record process. The former triggers the voice recording immediately, whereas the latter waits for you to commence the recording.

Unfortunately, the app forces you to record on the spot, which means you can’t store a photo and wait until you get home to talk about it. This could become particularly frustrating in a concert experience, for example, where it would prove difficult to attach a quality voice clip over the music. This feature may be added in future versions.

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4.

Pros: Free, helps you remember where photos were taken, stores full memories within the frame.

Cons: Only 10 seconds of voice recording allowed, does not integrate with default Photos app, does not track location, does not allow you to delay voice recording.

Verdict: A good app that lets you label your photos as to enable both precise descriptions and memory recollections.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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