UPDATED: Apple store Australia iPad order facility crashes

UPDATED: Apple store Australia iPad order facility crashes

If you wanted to order a new iPad - you couldn't ...

Excited Apple fans desperate to order a new iPad online ran into a slight glitch in Australia - they couldn't.

Checks of the Apple Store e-store Australia from 0600 to 0845 (AEST) found that when you hit the Pre-Order Now button on the website it only came with a page the single line ... Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.

It eventually came online about 0915 (AEST). Interestingly, there was a limit in place of 2 iPads per customer.

The site promises delivery between March 16 and March 22 and confirms the new ipad will be available in Apple Retail Stores from March 16.

Similar problems seemed to have affected the store in the US. Checks by our US sister publication, Computerworld, through16.15 ET from multiple locations in the US found the Apple e-store either still sporting a "We'll be back soon" banner, or if it did load in a browser, becoming unresponsive during the purchase process.

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