Acer plays a tasteful tune

Acer plays a tasteful tune

Given the fervour with which employees of different IT companies across Australia have thrown their support behind various cancer research funds over the last six months, it is a wonder anyone in the industry has any hair left. Valuing their luscious locks, Acer has elected to support an entirely different cause, committing to assist the Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) with $50,000-worth of IT infrastructure.

The AYO was left high and dry earlier this year when its principal sponsor, GlobalFreeway, skipped the country.

Armed with two TravelMate notebook computers, the Orchestra is currently touring Europe, dispelling some of the mythology surrounding Australian culture, by showing the world that we are capable of playing instruments more complex than the lagerphone and the wobble board (cringe). The AYO consists of 94 devastatingly talented kids whose tunes will be lulling crowds in summer festivals in faraway, exotic places such as Amsterdam, Germany and France.

According to Acer, the kids will be encouraged to use the computers to record the trip but, let's face it, any kid who willingly chooses to spend an evening in Paris tapping away on a PC really doesn't deserve to be there in the first place, talent or no talent.

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