Haylix’s Cloud storage goes live in Australia

Haylix’s Cloud storage goes live in Australia

New entry into local Cloud storage market harnesses Akamai’s content delivery platform

Haylix has flicked the switch and made its Cloud storage solution go live in Australia.

Powered by the Akamai Intelligent Platform and running OpenStack Swift, Haylix Cloud Storage is positioned as an affordable yet robust online storage solution.

Haylix is the second of its kind of solution to be available in Australia, the other being incumbent Ninefold. However, Haylix managing director, Michael Richardson, expects the open source nature of the solution, as well as the partnership with Akamai, to differentiate it.

“If you upload a file to our system and choose to keep it private, you can control it with your own user account, restrict access to it, and use SSL, or you can choose to make that content public and it gets pushed out through Akamai to their 95,000 servers worldwide,” he said. Richardson said Haylix is offering the Akamai service as value added, and that with or without the service, the outbound data cost is still cheaper than “any other Cloud storage provider that you can find in Australia”.

The reason why Haylix partnered with Akamai came down to the issue of addressing latency.

“Everyone talks about Cloud storage from international providers knowing that there have been questions about latency, so that’s obviously an argument for on-shore data storage,” Richardson said.

“The same argument works inversely, where if you are in Australia and storing your data locally, all of your international customers and anybody who wants to access your site internationally is going to experience that same latency.”

By adopting Akamai’s solution, the latency issue is being mitigated.

Despite Cloud being the buzz word of the industry, Richardson feels that Haylix differs from international and domestic competitors on several levels.

“Domestically, we have the Akamai content delivery network and our local competitor does not,” said.

Richardson also points to the open source API powering the solution - “the only one in the world for Cloud storage” - which means that developers could potentially build a bit of software for the platform and then easily port it over to another one.

“And then there is the cost of storing data, starting at 12c per 1GB, which is cheaper than our biggest international competitors,” he said.

As for the timing of the launch, Richardson said the company started work on the concept “as much as a year ago”, and spent the last six months “actively building it”.

One of the things Haylix wanted to achieve with the Cloud solution was to make sure that it could scale well. Earlier systems the company looked at could not be taken and installed by themselves.

“We felt it could not meet the demand we were going to get with this product and scale to handle petabytes of data,” he said.

Confident that they have the right platform and the right user interface, Haylix chose this time frame to launch its product.

“It wasn’t really that the technology needed to mature but more we needed to put everything into a package that was truly ready. The open source Cloud API and Akamai coming together is part of that,” Richardson said.

A Haylix Cloud Storage account comes with secure API and Web-based access, unlimited support, comprehensive API documentation, and a 99.95 per cent service level agreement.

A three-month free trial of the service is available to all new users at:

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