APP OF THE DAY: Trend Micro Longevity

APP OF THE DAY: Trend Micro Longevity

Extends your battery life with a detailed review of the apps that consume the most power

Trend Micro Longevity
Cost: Free | Developer: Trend Micro | Platform: Android | Version 1.0 | 4.4 MB | 2.2+

Trend Micro has released a beta version of the Trend Micro Longevity for Android app that leverages the Cloud to warn you when a newly downloaded app is threatening to drain the battery.

It makes it easy to recognise when the battery is being overused, and enables you to set up the device to protect against it.

Longevity allows you to identify and stop high power consuming apps and tasks, with three key functions.

The Just-a-Phone mode enables you to turn off the majority of battery draining functions and run the device as a phone only – extending the battery life by several hours.

The Fast Drain alert function warns you when the phone has started to consume battery faster than normal, providing you with the opportunity to take immediate action by disabling these apps or changing the settings.

The Power Hog App alert mode uses Cloud intelligence to alert you when a new app you just downloaded consumes a great deal of battery power or negatively impacts the battery life of the smartphone.

It is only available on beta for a limited period.

This app was reviewed on a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Pros: It has a good user interface that even provides you with the time remaining for battery life.

Cons: Everytime you update an app, it gives you all kinds of notifications– which you have to delete one by one. Function can be disabled, but applies to all notifications not for updates only.

Verdict: Extends your battery life with a detailed review of the apps that consume the most power.

Get it here: appmeister, Patrick Budmar, your review or the name of the app you would like to see reviewed.

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