Via launches C3 retail box set

Via launches C3 retail box set

VIA Technologies is hoping to carve a bigger slice of the Australian market and will now offer system integrators and distributors its VIA C3 processor in a retail box set.

The set, which is available in Australia through BCN Technology, includes fan and heatsink and will hold a three-year warranty instead of the usual 12 months offered with the tray product. The processor itself, is socket 370 compatible and available at speeds of up to 800MHz.

"I think it is important for increasing the product's image in the local market," said managing director of BCN Technology, Ken Lowe. "In Australia, around 70 per cent of resellers use retail box products for other CPUs such as Intel and AMD. But VIA's previous generation chip, Cyrix, has always been available in tray only. VIA believes that the retail box product introduction will increase the product image and push it into markets such as education, government and the corporate segment."

VIA is targeting the value market with its C3 chip, which is built using 0.13 and 0.15-micron processes to optimise power consumption and heat dissipation. Lowe believes this will be extremely effective in the price conscious sector of the Australian market, such as retail offerings.

"VIA is going in a different direction [to Intel]," he said. "They are concentrating on users who don't use the extreme power and want a lower price point. With this product, an $800 machine is possible and I think the company can gain around 30 per cent share in that entry level market."

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