APP OF THE DAY: Tweetbot

APP OF THE DAY: Tweetbot

Fast, clean and elegant, which for serious twitter users - exactly what Twitter users are looking for

Cost: $2.99 | Developer:Tapbots | Platform:iOS | Version 2.0.1 | 9.8 MB | 4.0+

There are plenty of Twitter clients out there. Some good ones are even free. So why choose Tweetbot? Because it’s better.

The interface is the first thing you’ll notice. Or, more appropriately, you won’t notice. A good interface is one that is so natural you don’t need to think to use it, and Tweetbot does that so well. Navigating around the complex beast that Twitter can be when you start making use of timelines and the like is easier here than perhaps anyway.

The second thing you’ll notice is the stability. I’ve tried a lot of Twitter clients in the past, and I’ve never had a flawless experience with them before. But Tweetbot has yet to crash once. It’s yet to fail to recognise my username or password. It’s not failed to upload a photo for me yet.

It’s fast, clean and elegant, which for serious twitter users is exactly what they’re looking for.

Pros: The interface. I can’t overstate how easy this is to use.

Cons: It costs money, when other Twitter clients are free.

Verdict: The best Twitter client I’ve ever used.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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