APP OF THE DAY: Smartr Contacts

APP OF THE DAY: Smartr Contacts

Creates contact profiles with interaction history

Smartr Contacts
Cost: Free | Developer:Xobni Corp | Platform:iOS | Version 1.5| 6.7MB | 4.0+

If you are in contact with a multitude of people on a regular basis due to work or other commitments and have trouble remembering where and how you know them (or why), Smartr Contacts is the ideal app for you.

The app uses your email address (Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook), calendar, and social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to automatically create contact profiles, and offers details on your communication and interaction with them.

The home screen is simple. It features a search bar which, when tapped, brings up a list of contacts, allowing you to browse or search.

For convenience, contacts with whom you interact most are listed at the top. Unfortunately, though, all others are scattered in an extensive list, appearing in no order, not even alphabetical.

Once you select an individual, their profile is separated into three tabs: ‘profile’, which hosts all their contact details that are linked to your account; ‘history’, which lists all interactions; ‘common’, which includes mutual contacts.

As the app is built for iPhone, it eliminates the need for your device to switch between apps, instead allowing you to call, SMS, and email directly and quickly.

Additionally, contact information can be edited and updated through the app, and contacts can also be hidden if desired.

Pros: Built for iPhone, free, elaborate, integrated solution.

Cons: iPhone only, requires single account for all uses as to integrate properly.

Verdict: The ideal app for those who come in contact with a plethora of people.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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