The app is community-driven, meaning if users can add their own items if ShopSavvy does not have the information already

Cost: Free | Developer:ShopSavvy Inc | Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone | Version: 5.2 | [number] 18MB |

With the current generation consumers more savvy in the way they shop, most of them would probably consult the Internet, do their research before making a purchase.

Thanks to the smartphone boom, now the buyer has the power to find more information – not to mention better prices – for a desired item and it’s as simple as a scanning a barcode.

ShopSavvy is an app that uses augmented reality (AR) technology in conjunction with the built-in camera on a smartphone to scan barcodes of items in order to find the best prices online and in bricks-and-mortar stores.

It also locates reviews of scanned items if users want a second opinion.

The app is community-driven, meaning if users can add their own items if ShopSavvy does not have the information already.

The database of items will continue to grow as users add their own items but as it currently stands some more obscure goods are yet to be on the list. I scanned in a box of Green Tea I bought from Aldi which yielded no results.

Also had no luck when I scanned some of my books and I suspect it will be the same if I scanned in things I buy from Asian grocery stores.

Obviously these are surmountable problems which will be remedied as times goes on and the database grows.

Pros: Convenient to use, can scan can use multiple orientations, can do keyword search instead of scanning.

Cons: Database is still limited, may not find more obscure products

Verdict: Despite the products database is still comparatively small, the app will become more useful as time goes on.

Get it here: ShopSavvy website

This app was reviewed on a iPhone 4.

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