Acoustic3D takes sound to the third dimension

Acoustic3D takes sound to the third dimension

Acoustic hologram generators for sound 'as intended'

Acoustic 3D's Joe Hayes and an ácoustic hologram generator

Acoustic 3D's Joe Hayes and an ácoustic hologram generator

To think sound was not always three-dimensional.

Following 21 years of research and development, Acoustic3D’s founder and managing director, Joe Hayes, has transformed the concept of 3D sound into a range of 70 watt ‘acoustic hologram generators’, as he prefers to call them.

The technology used within the range is not an extension of existing audio.

The implementation of Acoustic3D’s diffuser and algorithms completely replaces the traditional approach with a new method: to mathematically generate sounds that can be manipulated to produce a distortion free, three-dimensional experience.

Designed to deliver sound ‘as intended’ by artists, the generators recreate sound through multi-layered projection that reproduces depth of field and roundness of the original recording.

Hayes said, “It works by removing the immediate environments acoustics – it negates this room and stops all echoes – and then unpacks the acoustics and space within the recording itself.”

During a brief test drive, we found that it is able to produce a contextual experience based on the environment of the recording.

For example, during a sound clip of a neighbourhood park, its depth of field allowed us to distinguish between nearby chatter, distant birds, and passing vehicles, and with an opera song, it generated a concert-like feel, as if we were at a performance.

The software, which will accompany the speakers, will offer both basic controls for the everyday user, and advanced tuning capabilities for enthusiasts to customise their sound completely.

Hayes said that the demand for the technology is coming on rapidly by “big players”, but would not comment further on external interest holders.

He also mentioned the development of a 2000 watt product, stating that the company aims to have applications in domestic and commercial/industrial environments.

The product range is scheduled for May release at $999, and will be distributed by Dynamic Music.

It is targeted at sound enthusiasts, although Acoustic3D hopes to penetrate the general consumer market.

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