New BlackBerry OS supports Android apps

New BlackBerry OS supports Android apps

Amongst other new communications and productivity features

Research In Motion (RIM) has released its latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS update that, amongst other features, allows users to download a wider range of Android supported apps.

RIM senior vice-president of mobile computing, David Smith, said the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 aimed at providing new communications and productivity enhancements along with its extended app and content support. New features include:

  • Integrated email client with a unified inbox: Users have an option to use a unified inbox that integrates all messages in one place including messages received through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and work and personal emails.
  • Social integration with calendar and contacts apps: The built-in calendar and contacts apps incorporate social media information by extracting Facebook user information to the contacts application and social events to the calendar.
  • Updated BlackBerry Bridge app: It provides improved Bluetooth connection between the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphone. It also includes a new remote control function that enables the smartphone to be used as a wireless keyboard and mouse for a PlayBook.
  • Improved mobile productivity: It comprises updated document editing functions with a new Print To Go app; corporate data manageability with the BlackBerry Balance; an updated virtual keyboard that auto corrects and predicts next word completion.
  • New apps and content: Along with a new BlackBerry Video Store, thousands of new apps are available from the BlackBerry App world – including a range of Android apps that will run on the device.

The company is also making available an initial release of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, a solution that supports managing BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphones within an enterprise.

The full release of the solution (with mobile device management capabilities for iOS and Android devices) is expected to be available in late March. The BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software update is available as a free download for all BlackBerry PlayBook tablets and the BlackBerry Video Store will be made available in the US initially.

Support for other countries will be provided later this year.

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