Makes TV watching a social interaction form and lets you voice your opinions

Cost: Free | Developer: Yahoo! | Platform: iOS | Version 1.0 | 6.0MB | 4.3+

I have always been an avid fan of TV shows and being the opinionated person that I am, tend to voice it out to the TV – even though nobody else hears it.

With more popular shows such as My Kitchen Rules and the Amazing Race featuring on TV again, viewers like me now have the ability to share opinions using an audience participation app, Fango.

The app allows you to share your views on real-time polls and trivia that are displayed at some points during the show.

You can check-in to your favourite shows and sporting events across all major free to air channels and chat with either Facebook friends or fellow followers of a program.

It also enables searching through a list of TV programs between 3pm and midnight (across all free to air channels), provides more news, blogs and videos associated with the broadcast and an avenue to read or comment on its official Facebook and Twitter sites.

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4.

Pros: Connects fans and people with similar likes.

Cons: Only available on the iOS platform so far.

Verdict: Makes TV watching a social interaction form and lets you voice your opinions.

Get it here: appmeister, Patrick Budmar, your review or the name of the app you would like to see reviewed.

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