Juniper: mobile malware acceleration grows

Juniper: mobile malware acceleration grows

Malware targeting Android soars

Juniper’s 2011 Mobile Threats Report has highlighted that mobile malware has reached a new stage in maturation and acceleration.

The Juniper Networks Mobile Threat Centre team found three main trends through its quantitative research.

Firstly, it noted there was a 155 per cent increase in mobile malware in comparison to 2010. Of four main categories, spyware comprised 63.39 per cent, with SMS Trojans in second place at 36.43 per cent. Additional threats included SMS flooders and worms.

Malware targeting Android increased by 3325 per cent.

Juniper also found that mobile malware has become more intelligent, with cybercriminals honing their craft by discoveries new ways in which to exploit vulnerabilities and human behaviour for profit across all platforms and devices.

These threats come in the form of jailbreak impostors, direct attacks, and browser-based attacks.

Finally, there is a lower barrier to entry, where data shows an evolution from sophisticated and deep technical attacks to schemes that are lightweight, social, and able to deliver fast profits. This is accelerating, particularly as third-party applications soar in popularity.

Juniper Networks Junos Pulse Business Unit vice-president and general manager, Sanjay Beri, said, “Securing mobile devices requires a combination of safeguarding connections from interception, securing data in transit from prying eyes or theft, protecting against fast-propagating malware, possessing the tools to manage devices and apps, and securing the data, usernames and passwords on them in the event that they are lost or stolen.”

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